Watch the renovation of Ginza Salon

Ginza Salon

Renovation for a beloved home at Farrow & Ball Ginza Salon

At Ginza Salon, our exceptional Colour Stylists will help you bring your vision for your home to life, controlling your interior decoration colours with 132 colours of the long-established British brand Farrow & Ball.

Every Wednesday, we hold a workshop of colours! How about making your own colour scheme as you feel; with your favorite colour, the colour that makes you feels comfortable, the accent colour for your room, the colour you want to decorate your room with, etc. Enjoy making a colour frame that will trigger your awakening to your room decoration. We welcome you to join our workshop.


"I feel happy"
Colours which brings you the feeling of happiness

What you feel comfortable and what you enjoy in your daily life will decide your interior decoration.

“Colour” is very important for building a space which gives you true comfortableness. Colour Scheme is essential for a successful renovation.

At Farrow & Ball Ginza Salon, our experienced colour specialists will listen to each customer's lifestyle and preferences to help you create your favourite home.

Bed Room

Refreshing blue is the perfect colour for a bedroom that makes you feel safe and in control of your sleep

Dining Room

Green, which gives the feeling of relaxation as if surrounded by nature, is recommended for a dining room where families gather

Colour Consultancy

Special experience at Ginza Salon


Feel and experience living

Reservation for Ginza Salon

Living in a beloved home,
The softness of the pile of the carpet, the texture of
the enveloping walls, the depth and expression of the light. Ginza Salon will offer you to feel the world of senses beyond function. Please visit us and enjoy the world of interior decoration by colours.


Consultation on renovation colour scheme

Colour Consultancy

Our Colour Stylists will create colour schemes for all building materials, such as walls, furniture, and carpets, with in-depth knowledge of our palette and the effect of colours.
By considering the light sources, fabrics and furniture in your living space, as well as your lifestyle, to help achieving your desired atmosphere and image, we will create a colour scheme together with you.


Creating a beloved home


Our construction team, well versed in the best materials, will bring the home you envisioned with colour consulting to life. You can start with one room instead of all as you desire.

About Ginza Salon

Spaces surrounded by colours

At Ginza Salon, you can experience the world of interior decoration created based on the colour schemes by our professional Colour Stylists.

Check how colours are affected by light

Colour is greatly affected by light. As Farrow & Ball colours extraordinarily respond to light, at Ginza Salon, you can see how the colours look under five different lighting conditions, including incandescent and electric bulb colours.

Check colour and material combinations

We offer 132 colours and wallpapers by Farrow & Ball and matching carpets and wooden shutters. The combination of colours and materials could also be advised.


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